Keep Calm and Point Your Toes - Company Message

Thea’s Dance Studio
(718) 465-5755
It is with a broken heart that I have to give you the news that Thea’s Dance Studio is no more. Right before we were about to embark on our 15 year, my lease was not renewed. With high rent costs and no time to prepare, we will be unable to relocate in time to start our dance season. I am devastated because this has been my life and my daughters have grown up with our studio. Whether you have been with me for years or just starting with us, we will miss you all deeply. We could not be more devastated because you have all brought so much joy to my teachers and myself. 
I hope you all will continue to dance!
For those of you who paid me for September and/or registration fee’s, I will send you refund checks as soon as I can.
Thank you for your loyalty and your patronage.
Love always,
Mrs. Thea

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